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WiFi and Remote Controlled Mini Quadcopter, Volarvin® - Super Micro Nano Quadcopter RC Drone with Camera Led Lights and Remote 2.4G 4 Channel 3D Gyro 6 Axis with 360 Stunt Spin Flips (Only 4.5x4.5x2.5cm)

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Manufacturer Description

Wi-Fi remote controlled mini quadcopter with camera super micro Nano quadcopter RC drone by Volarvin is an incredible gadget, its small size (4.5x4.5x2.5cm) will fit in the palm of your hand, can play with it anywhere, most successful agile flying machine with a flying distance of 40m, perfect and ideal for beginners to use without training.

Made to everyone’s preferences, 3 ways to enjoy hours of flying, mobile phone, tablet or the remote control, iOS or android supports both flawlessly. Video is then broadcasted directly to your device and FPV (first person view) function, a method used to control a RC vehicle from the pilots view point, 3 flying modes, high/low speed modes and the 360°high speed rotation mode in which the aircraft's lights illuminate.

2.4GHz 4 channel transmitter and 6 axis gyro fly system ensures full control and able to hover comfortably at the height of your preference thanks to the high density air pressure altitude hold, the gyro sensors are constantly in synchronization to allow a more stable flight improving the stability of your flight and the quality of your recording thanks to the 6 axis system, all footage can be saved to your device

Headless mode with one touch automatic take off, land and return, takeoff the special algorithm inside the micro controller guarantees that forward is forward and left and right is as they should be, plan a trip with your quadcopter conveniently and safely with the one touch feature allowing you to launch and take off, land safely and return within one touch. (Not normal on other quadcopters)

There is also 4 high powered led lights which illuminate bright lights so you can distinguish your copter when whizzing through the air, the 3D spin flip feature enables you to do crazy stunts in midair to show off to your friends and family making you the professional quadcopter pilot

Product Features

INCREDIBLE MUST HAVE GADGET, Volarvin® - Super MICRO NANO Quadcopter RC Drone. Its SUPER SMALL SIZE means you can TAKE OFF and PLAY with it ANYWHERE. At ONLY 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm this is the most EXTREME AGILE ULTIMATE flying machine with a controlling distance of 40 meters, very EASY TO OPERATE, PERFECT and SIMPLE for beginners to use WITHOUT TRAINING WIFI CONTROLLER with FPV FUNCTION and 3 FLYING MODES - 3 different ways for you to ENJOY hours of EXCITEMENT and ENTERTAINMENT via your MOBILE PHONE, TABLET or the REMOTE CONTROL to direct the Quadcopter with REAL TIME VIDEO transmission and FPV FUNCTION (first person view), can be operated in 3 flying modes, High/Low speed modes and the 360°high speed rotation mode 2.4GHz 4 CHANNEL TRANSMITTER with 6 AXIS GYRO FLY SYSTEM - the 4 channel transmitter ensures you can control and hover comfortably with the feature of HIGH DENSITY AIR PRESSURE ALTITUDE HOLD which enables your quadcopter to hover at a height set by yourself, the 6 axis gyro sensors allows a more STABLE and FLEXIBLE flight HEADLESS MODE with ONE TOUCH AUTOMATIC TAKE OFF, LAND and RETURN - NO COMPLICATIONS differentiating front or back. After takeoff the special ALGORITHM inside the quadcopters micro-controller GUARANTEES any directional change is compensated, you can CONTROL your drone to START and END a trip with the ONE TOUCH feature allowing you to TAKE OFF, LAND and RETURN within ONE TOUCH This also has 4 HIGH POWERED LEDS which illuminate BRIGHT LIGHTS so your DRONE is visible when in the air, the HIGH EFFICENCY USB CHARGING and CHARGE PROTECTION prevents overcharging the battery, also features a 3D SPIN FLIP feature so you can do CRAZY STUNTS in mid-air, to show off to your FRIENDS and FAMILY making you the PRO PILOT.

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