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Hyperdrone Racing Kit
£49.99 £79.99
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Manufacturer Description

Lift up the racing track to air. Introducing HyperDrone - an exciting RC drone racing game with 2 unique play features - Racing Battle and Shooting Battle. With 2.4GHz technology, up to 8 players to battle simultaneously in own customized track. Built-in altitude locks makes flying a drone no longer need to be expert, and allows to focus on the racing and be the champion in the battle. Equipped with intelligent station to record the best laps and also serve as a shooting target in Shooting Battle.

Product Features

Put your drone flying skills to the test with the incredible Hyper drone Racing Kit Two Drones and controllers are included so you can race and battle your friends to prove who is the greatest pilot The built-in start button and auto-hovering features enable the flyers to effortlessly navigate the skies Connect the Base Station to a smartphone or tablet to see the action in real-life The Base Station also calculates lap times, number of laps and overruns making it easy to see who wins

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