EpochAir Flying Disco Ball Toy
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Manufacturer Description

1.When you receive the product, there is no assembly required. Simply plug in the USB charger cable and leave it to charge for about 30 minutes. The charger LED will be red whilst charging and turn blue when fully charged.

2.After 30 minutes remove the charger and switch it on. After a couple of seconds the LEDs will begin to flash. Place the ball in an upright position such as in the palm of your hand. After a couple of seconds the rotor blades will power up and the ball will fly into the air. The ball will automatically climb a short distance and then begin to descend. As the ball come back down put your hand underneath the ball and it will begin to rise again.

3.When you have finished playing with it simply hold down the button on the remote control and this will automatically cut the power and the ball will falls out of the sky.

Package includes:
•1 Flying RC Ball Toy
•1 Remote control (Built-in battery)
•1 USB cable
•1 Instruction Manual

Product Safety and Maintenance Notes

This product is suitable for children over the age of 14 years of age. Children in the 4-14 year old range are more than capable of enjoying this toy but we recommend adult supervision at all times.

This product contains a number of electronic components and is not waterproof as it is most often used indoors. If the product does come in contact with water dry it off using a dry cloth.

Note: If you have any questions or problems with this product or our service, please feel free to contact us, and we will do everything in our power to assist you.

Product Features

Flying - Similar to toy helicopters that are increasingly popular this clear glass ball with flashing LED lights flies through the air emitting a colourful light display. Operating - Controlled using motion sensors you simply place your hand under the ball and as the ball senses your hand it flies higher, instead of a remote control you become the controller. Control - A remote control is included that allows you to turn the ball on and off remotely when you have finished playing. Note - this is not to control the flight direction, only power on/off. Display- The ball contains flashing LED lights and the shape of the ball reflects light perfectly providing an impressive light show, especially in a room with the lights off. Durable - Built using environmentally friendly non-toxic materials the ball and the rotor blades are very durable and can withstand numerous crashes. The ball is rechargeable.

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