Venom VN47 Battle Hawks Combat Drones
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Product Description

With so many drones on offer right now, it is wise to have a manufacturer you can trust to be reliable. The Venom VN47 Battle Hawks Combat Drones is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition.

For this discounted price on offer, the Venom VN47 Battle Hawks Combat Drones is widely respected and is always a popular choice with most people who visit our site. Hawkin's Bazaar have added some nice touches and this equals good great bargain.

Manufacturer Description

Take to the skies and battle like never before with this pair of awesome dogfighting drones! The set includes two VN47 Battlehawk combat drones, each one being highly manoeuvrable and ready to blow each other out of the sky. Both drones are equipped with an infrared blaster that shoots in a straight line from the front of the drone. It makes for some tense battles as you try to line up the perfect shot whilst dodging lasers from your opponent. If you get hit three times your drone powers down and drops to the ground in a dramatic yet controlled manner (to ensure it doesn't really get damaged in battle!) The drones themselves are responsive and easy to control that makes them perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike. They're also compact, so can be used both indoors and outside without any issues. Featuring three speed settings and the ability to pull-off flips, this thing can really move too! It's guaranteed to make your battles look like an aerial ballet between these two drones.

Product Features

Set of two battle drones - engage in multiplayer air battles with this pair of brilliant RC flying machines. Each drone features an infrared blaster cannon that can be used to shoot at the opposing drone. Drones react to being hit by staggering in the air and eventually crashing to the ground after three hits (in a controlled manner to avoid real damage). Flies at a top speed of 35 kph (22 mph) and features three speed settings that allow for increased control and precision. One-touch stunt button allows you to perform flips to dodge and evade your opponent with ease.

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