RC Helicopter 4 Channel 3D'apache" -GYRO

RC Helicopter 4 Channel 3D'apache" -GYRO
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RC Helicopter 4 Channel 3D Single Propeller "Comanche -GYRO _____ _____ __single Propeller the helicopter is one of the Latest 4 channel helicopter on the market. it flies thanks to its design and quality very stable and suitable for beginners and experienced Pilot suitable _____. _it has the latest technology Single Propeller System. to fly it much faster than Coaxial helicopter _____ _______ the helicopter is fully built and comes with a remote control, rechargeable battery, simply Ladegerät. batteries for the remote control in and you are ready to fly. _____ _____ ________ very easy to use with Gyro technology, super präzieser flight thanks to the built-in servo better flight _____ _and with Single Rotor technique _____ _benefits of Single Rotor technology: / _____ _much easier and quicker than hekömmliche Coaxial helicopter / as you need to lower Parts and components are not damaged when a powerful crash. _____ _- durable and withstands crashes / little easier to repair _____ _- flight time is more than a coaxial helicopter. _____ _- very easy to fly _____ _______ 2 powerful engines 2 Servos _____ _8 bewegunsrichtungen / / down; right / left _____ / _Forwards Backwards _____ / _seitwärtsflug (Roll) approx. / 7-8 min.Flugdauer / flight stabilizing system-Speed approx. 20 km / h / Length: 455 mm (18 ")-Width: 138 mm / Height: 148 mm; weight: 270 g load range of approximately 40 m _____ _- 7.4 V 850 mAh Li-Ion Battery + Charger / / 2.5 hours charging time: _____ _Box contents: 4 Channel Helicopter with GYRO the rechargeable battery (helicopter) _____ _ Charger remote control instruction manual

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RC Helicopter Apache "3D"

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