Large Helicopter 2.4Ghz
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The name might have given it away, but this huge remote control helicopter is easily the biggest in our fleet. Measuring an impressive 82cm in length, this airborne monster is designed to dominate the sky, capable of reaching heights of up to 50 metres (so it's definitely recommended for outdoor use only). It's equipped with the latest in gyroscopic stabilisation technology and features 3.5-channel movement, making it highly manoeuvrable in the air yet simple to keep under control, even for less experienced pilots.

The intuitive controller features a pair of flight sticks that affect altitude and pitch, as well as allowing the helicopter to turn left or right on the spot. It might take a little bit of practice, but after a couple of minutes you'll be flying this massive RC flying machine like a pro. It also features two different flight speeds, allowing you to take a casual flight around the area or rapidly race straight into the action.

As well as the mechanics that make this RC helicopter simple to keep in the air, it also operates on the 2.4G control frequency. This ensures that pilots do not encounter signal interference, even with other remote control vehicles and gadgets about, as well as providing more efficient power consumption, greater control range and faster response times. A full charge gives it six to eight minutes of flight time too, meaning you'll have plenty of time to patrol the air space around your home or at the park.

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