Illuminator Drone
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Manufacturer Description

For all those night that you lay awake wishing you could fly your drone, but the pitiful LED on your average drone just make it impossible to see anything! But now your sleepless nights can be spent doing the thing you love, flying the Illuminator Drone.

Not only does the drone perfectly light your way it is also an absolute dream to fly thanks to the sturdy 6-axis gyro stabilisation and an impressive 6-channel control. In addition to this it also has an incredibly useful Headless mode, this lets you fly based on your own position rather than the drones, and the handy auto-return function is great as it brings the drone back to its starting point with ease. The Illumiator drone is ideal for both beginners and experts and is an absolute joy to fly and looks awesome!

However, what really makes this drone stand out and makes it what it is, is the illuminated blade guards, the glow extremely brightly which makes it easy to follow even at a maximum 40m outdoor range, so there no need to worry about losing your drone! And another awesome thing about this drone is that its small sizes means it can be flown both indoors and outdoors, the protective guards surrounding it also ensure nothing will get damaged if an accident occurs. And one more cool feature with a quick 40 minute charge providing 5 minutes of flight and a built-in overcharge protection on the battery, ensuring you endless amounts of fun with this epic illuminating drone!

Product Features

3 Speed Settings 6-Axis Gyroscope system for stable flight 360 degree unlimited eversion Durable material 2.4GHz technology

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