Flying Drone Cheerson H8 3d Gyroscope 6

By: Cheerson
Flying Drone Cheerson H8 3d Gyroscope 6
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Manufacturer Description

The JJRC H8 3d is a drone with 4 channel and 6-axis gyroscope, With
Ability to perform inverted flight and remain in this position.
Its size and its 6-AXIS gyroscope makes it a very stable and drone
Capable of flying in outdoor.
Has 3 flight modes, beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Includes a digital Brujula that lets you offer the function of Homecoming,
With just pressing a button, with a very high accuracy.
The H8 is 3d capable of all the movements of a drone of 4 axes already
Either forward or backward, rotate left or right, up or down,
Move to left or right and make 3d flips. And all this both
Normal as Invested.
Its advanced control plate gives a simplicity of control
Amazing, to make the 3d inverted flight, the H8 automatically adjusts the
Controls so That The Pilot continue as if not past
Nothing added, without the difficulty of having to invest controls as with
Other models.
Incorporates 4 high visibility LED lights for night flights.
Has a distance of flight and maximum altitude of approximately 30 metres, and a
Flight time About 6 - 8 minutes depending on the use. Its battery
Removable and 3.7 V 220 mAh allows the replacement without problems.
Includes (flips headless mode) allowing you to operate without
Need to adjust the direction of the head of the Drone.
The button back to home makes the H8 3d again only to take-off point.
This is achieved through the use of a digital Brujula.
The body of the Drone is very lightweight and is designed to offer
Stability even during the flight invested. Features Protection for the
helices and the battery.
1 JJRC H8 3d mini
1 Channel 2.4 GHz
1 Battery for the 3d H8
4 pads of landing
1 USB Charging Cable

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