6 Packs for DJI Mavic Pro Lens Filter Kit ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 MCUV CPL, Multi-coated Filter Set TIME4DEALS.

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Manufacturer Description

6 Packs for DJI Mavic Pro Lens Filter Kit ND4 ND8 ND16 ND32 MCUV CPL, Multi-coated Filter Set TIME4DEALS.

Multi-layer coating;ultra-light ultra-thin;don't affect the self-inspection;water-proof scrath-proof.

2.High-quality filter is made of pure optical glass material, optical stability, high uniformity.

3. Multi-layer coating, can filter ultraviolet and miscellaneous light, a large number of reflection caused by the glare glare phenomenon, showing a more realistic image.

4. Ultra-low reflectivity,reducing the refraction of the adverse effects of refraction and reflection.

5.Does not affect the PTZ self-test.

6. Easy to use, direct installation fixed.

7.Exquisite high-end packaging, small size, easy to carry.

Compatibility: DJI Mavic Pro
Material: Optical Glass
Filter Frame Dimensions: Thickness 0.6mm/Height 4.9mm
Single Filter Weight :0.03 ounce / 0.9 grams
Total package weight:3.5ounce/100grams
Package dimensions:14 x 10 x 4(cm) L x W x H

Cleaning Steps:
If the surface of the lens is contaminated with dust, water droplets or other contaminants, please refer to the following methods:

Blow off the dust on the filter surface.

Clean again with a soft brush.

Gently scrub the filter lenses with cleaning cloth.

it is more effectively that cleaning with professional cleanout fluid.

Note:Please do not wipe the lens with tissue, it may leave more paper fiber on the lens because of static.

Package Includes:
1 x ND4 Filter
1 x ND8 Filter
1 x ND16 Filter
1 x ND32 Filter
1 x MCUV Filter
1 x CPL Filter
1 x Combo Filter Box(can load 6 filters)
1 x User Manual
1 x Package Box
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Sticker

Product Features

kits includes:ND4 +ND8 +ND16 +ND32 +MCUV +CPL Filters.Filters are applied for DJI Mavic Pro.Note: DJI Mavic Pro is NOT Included.1 year Warranty. Replacement or full refund without return. ND Filters: Effectively reduce the amount of light coming into the sensor; Allowing you to have more control of the camera's aperture, exposure time and sensor sensitivity settings; Improve video quality by introducing a natural motion blur for smoother motion in video in bright daylight situation. MCUV Filter:is to filter the UV. Decrease blue cast and blue grey causing by ultraviolet ray,increase light transmittance.Improve the image quality of clarity,and make the distant scenery more clear. CPL Filters: Greatly filtering stray light. Composed of two mirrors mixed mica and other crystal,can change the direction of light, help you filter out more stray light.Absorb polarized light in the sky,reflective light of water or glass and other nonmetal material allowing you to take a more saturated picture. Premium Materials: made of pure optical glass material for optical stability and high uniformity; Lightweight frame for easy installation and removal.Multi-layer coating;ultra-light ultra-thin;don't affect the self-inspection;water-proof anti-scratch.

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